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In House Testing Centre

The contract sector, whether it be hotels. offices, school, hospitals or care homes is key to the UK economy, and ensuring that the adequate fire prevention procedures are in place is an essential safety requirement
Madeleine Moon - Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Furniture Industry Group, 2006 - 2010.

The correct certification for the contract market (none Domestic) is essential and regulated under BS7177 2008, stating that all beds and mattresses should conform to BS7177 Medium Hazard.

How do we guarantee that our products conform to regulations?

Airsprung Beds is a strictly no smoking site, with one exception, our on site testing facility!

In line with FIRA guidelines, we have tested products on site for many years. Initially products are tested during the development stage (NPD) ; this guides us with both the material and components and determines whether a product will continue through the development process.

Once a product is certified crib 5 (BS7177) it can continue into production, following this decision the product is then retested from the production line, this ensures that nothing has changed from NPD to actual production run. Assuming that the product tests satisfactorily, it is then diarised for periodical test, usually at six monthly intervals. Each product has an Airsprung Beds in-house test certificate, to show that it has passed the required test, the salient tests are:

Smoulder test - lighted cigarette, this test is timed to assess whether the cigarette extinguishes or ignites the product.

Match test - a lighted match is placed within an area of the product. The objective of the exercise is to see how long the lighted flame lasts, there is a very specific time allotted for the test to be considered a success.

A Wooden Crib (Source 5) test measures how long a flame lasts and no smouldering occurs after an allotted time.

The ability to test to crib 5 in our own facility guarantees that all contract product's conform to the legislation. Furthermore, continuous, periodical testing throughout the products life cycle guarantees that we consistently conform to current legislation.