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Hotel & Leisure
Interior Designers & Property Developers

Sector Expertise

Businesses, specifiers and purchasers can rely on our many years of experience and knowledge to guide them through their selection. As a manufacturer we are able to provide a range of services to various sectors that require contract beds.

Hotels & Leisure Industries

A variety of ranges that embody classic hotel beds. Standard Bonnell sprung interiors or more luxurious pocket spring models, all are designed and built to provide superior comfort.
Check out our Platinum, Stratford, Chester & Pendlebury ranges.


Whether traditional bonnell or pocket sprung our range is designed in steps to offer both practical, versatile and comfortable solutions.
Check out our Platinum, Stratford, Chester & Pendlebury ranges.

Care and Education

This sector requires practical solutions fit for the environment they are servicing. The Care & Education range is designed to perform in a challenging environment.

Take a look at our Lewis, Hathaway, Kenilworth & Kielder Bunk Beds ranges for Education specific models, and also our Aqua Range specific for Care applications.

Interior Designers & Specifiers

With a wide range of beds suitable for all applications we are sure to be able to supply you with the right solution for your next project. Our specialist team is always available to give designers technical assistance.

Call us today on 01225 779101 use our online contact us form, or email us for a no obligation chat about your requirements.