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The Lewis is an open coil Mattress with a 13.5 gauge framed sprung interior, finished in contract quality cotton damask


  • 13.5 gauge framed bonnell spring
  • Several layers of upholstery
  • Provides medium to soft support
  • Combine with:
    • Platform top divan
    • Shallow platform on legs
    • Sprung edge divan
    • Sprung traditional firm edge

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Size Options

We can produce non standard sized beds for specific locations - ask us for a quote

We provide industry standard bed sizes

  • 75 x 190cm
  • 90 x 190cm
  • 135 x 190cm
  • 150 x 200cm

zip & link as standard (none standard sizes subject to quote)

Standard Divan Options

Platform top
Divan base with a platform top supports the mattress. It is rigid and therefore will make the mattress feel firmer.

Sprung Edge
Divan base with springs attached to the top of the frame and upholstered over The mattress sits on a sprung top, so will feel very soft.

Shallow Platform Divan
A shallow divan base on legs with a platform top which supports the mattress. It is rigid and will therfore make the mattress feel firmer.

Firm Edge
A very durable and robust shallow base on legs with a sprung interior. As with the sprung edge, the mattress will feel very soft.

Divan Specifications

Type Depth Castor Depth
Divan & Leg
Leg Height
Overall Height
Standard 13" 2" 24"
Sprung Edge 15" 2" 26"
Fixed Leg 7" 17" 24"
Firm Edge 7" 8" 26"


CT50 twin wheel where applicable.

Mattress Specifications

  • Open coil 13.5 gauge framed sprung interior
  • Comfortable levels of upholstery
  • Mattress depth 8"
  • Traditionally tufted
  • Fluted borders
  • Medium/Soft
  • Finished in contract quality hard wearing cotton mix damask