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The Darwen is a medium/soft practical and robust bed availble in sizes 75-150cm offering comfort and versatitlity. It is finished in hardwearing fabric.


  • 13.5 gauge framed bonnell spring
  • Several layers of upholstery
  • Provides soft to medium support
  • Combine with:
    • Platform top divan
    • Fixed leg
    • Sprung traditional firm edge

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Size Options

We can produce non standard sized beds for specific locations - ask us for a quote

We provide industry standard bed sizes

  • 75 x 200cm
  • 90 x 190cm
  • 120 x 200cm
  • 135 x 190cm
  • 150 x 200cm

zip & link as standard (none standard sizes subject to quote)

Standard Divan Options

Platform top
Divan base with a platform top supports the mattress. It is rigid and therefore will make the mattress feel firmer.

Shallow Platform Divan
A shallow divan base on legs with a platform top which supports the mattress. It is rigid and will make the mattress feel firmer.

Firm Edge
A very durable and robust shallow base on legs with a sprung interior on. As with the sprung edge, the mattress will feel slightly softer.

Divan Specifications

Type Depth Castor Depth
Divan & Leg
Leg Height
Overall Height
Standard 13" 2" 23"
Fixed Leg 7" 17" 25"
Firm Edge 7" 8" 23"

Mattress Specifications

  • Open coil 13.5 gauge framed sprung interior
  • Two layers of upholstery per mattress side
  • Mattress depth 8"
  • Fluted borders
  • Finished in contract quality hard wearing stitchbond